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About the affiliate program of marketing | what is an affiliate program

Do you have websites, pages or groups? Then you can earn money from those websites,pages or groups. You just need to share our product link of information in that area. For every complete sale, You will be able to receive a good commission rate. You need to help us to increase our product sales. This process is known as an affiliate program of marketing. You can join our affiliate team through this registration process. Basically there are two steps of this marketing program. One is automatic and another is a manual process. We will describe it below. 

Affiliate Registration

Affiliate program



affiliate program

Affiliate marketing program method one: In this process, you will receive a product link for marketing. Please go and registered for this program and log in with you id and password. After log in , you need to convert a product link to affiliate link. For more information you can visit our face book page, please click here.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

How to use affiliate dashboard | Complete process of affiliation marketing 

Step one – At first step, you need to register as our affiliate program. Then we will send your password to your email id. After getting your password, you can log in to your affiliate dashboard. Step two – Now you will find your account status like earnings, paid, refund and balance. Also, you will get some of the important links like commission, payment, generate links and settings. From the settings option, you can password too. Step 3 – Please take a close view of your account status . Here you will get all the details of the transaction. How much you are earning and paid by us.

Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Step 4 – In this section, you will get your affiliate id number. Through this affiliate id, we can track exact affiliate members. As an affiliate member, you have to know how to generate a product link for promotion. Step 5 –  Select any of our product which you wanted for sale. Please click here. Then go to the top side of that product and copy the product link. Step 6 – Now paste this link to page URL section and click to generate. Then you will get a new referral link for promotion.

Drop shipping model

Drop shipping service by Ultimostore

We develop a strong affiliate community through this website. You can select any of our product and post it on your website,page or group. After receiving order from your customer. Then you can order us manually. Our team will shipped that product at your customer address. Now days its really a profitable business model and win win situation for supplier,marketer and customer. In this circumstance, you have to understand the model of drop shipping. As a marketer or drop shipper, you have to have collect all of product information and provide it to your customer. Then you will be able to receive order form customer. Moreover, collect order form you customer and then place it our website. If you have any question,please feel free to contact us.


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